Inner Tube Warranty Policy

Tubes Covered

This policy covers all inner tubes that are sold by Bridgestone America’s Tube Business (BATB) if they are used in the service for which they were intended.

Warranty Process
Customers desiring to return product to BATB for warranty consideration must first obtain an RGA number by calling our toll-free number (800.553.6008) or emailing Based on piece count and weight, BATB will advise to either return the product or provide pictures of the product. If product is to be returned, the customer is provided shipping instructions. If pictures are required, the customer is advised to email pictures of the tube brand and failure area. Pictures will need to include one of the brand and size and two of the failure area.

Warranty Coverage
If any inner tube covered by this warranty becomes unusable for any reason within the manufacturer’s control, such inner tube will be replaced with an equivalent new inner tube or the equivalent of the wholesale (first purchaser) purchase price refunded on the basis set forth below. Some examples of causes or conditions normally beyond the manufacturer’s control and therefore not adjustable are:

• Mounting cuts and pinches
• Rim/Bead cuts – rim slip
• Valve corrosion
• Apparent overload or improper inflation
• Improper insertion of filling materials
• Foreign material in tire cavity
• Intentional alteration
• Aging (or improper storage)
• Field/Road hazards
• Punctures
• Cuts
• Stubble damage
• Impact
• Valve pulled off or stem pulled out
• Improper Application

Abnormal tire (unless the tire is manufactured by Bridgestone or Bridgestone/Firestone). 
Note: A history or pattern of tube failures in the same tire will be presumed to result from a tire abnormality.

BATB reserves the right to inspect the tire in such a case before honoring tube adjustment claims.

This warranty is in addition to and/or may be limited by any other applicable written warranty you may have received.

Warranty Period:
Natural Rubber and Severe Service inner tubes manufactured by BATB are warranted for a period of 5 years from date of sale*. All other inner tubes manufactured by or sold by BATB are warranted for a period of 3 years from date of sale* with the exception of racing and aircraft inner tubes. Racing inner tubes and aircraft inner tubes are warranted for new abnormal conditions only.

BATB will reimburse the first purchaser tube cost, along with reasonable and actual service charges within the limitations below if adequate documentation is provided.

• Loss of time, vehicle use, profits or inconvenience is not covered.
• Replacement cost for tire damage claimed is not covered.
• Overtime, weekend or holiday charges for service are not covered.
• For Agricultural, Forestry and Off-Road inner tubes:
• Lost ballast is limited to $1.00 per gallon.
• Cost for service (in addition to distance charges) is limited to $2.00 per diameter inch. For example, a 16.9R30 section tube is limited to reasonable and actual charges not to exceed $60.00.

BATB will be responsible for freight costs associated with returning warranty tubes. All product will be returned freight collect using a carrier chosen by BATB. If designated carrier is not used, the customer will be responsible for all freight charges.

Conditions and Exclusions:
To the extent permitted by law, BATB disclaims liability or any consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of time, loss of vehicle use or inconvenience, replacement tire cost or lost profits. This policy applies only to the actual owner-user of the tubes in the United States and Canada.

BATB’s obligation under this policy may not be enlarged or altered by anyone.
* If no proof of purchase is submitted to identify date of sale, date of manufacture will be used for determining the warranty period.

Owner – User’s Obligations:
It is the owner-user’s obligation to operate inner tubes within the loads and speed limits as specified by BATB for the tire it is installed in, and to otherwise utilize proper care and use procedures for the tires and inner tubes. In the case of a warranty claim, the owner-user must present the inner tube to the first purchaser, complete and sign the customer section of the BATB Adjustment Claim Form. A BATB or Bridgestone Tire Claim form may be used (forms will be supplied on request).

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